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Lou Kassab is the Founder of Alaska Terra. He attended the United States Naval Academy, Wilkes University, and Pepperdine University where he was a college athlete and earned degree in Clinical Psychology. He entered active service in the United States Marine Corps in 1976 which resulted in decades of extensive travel and absorbing assignments. His Marine Corps career was personally rewarding and vastly satisfying.

He began developing land and creating sustainable homesteads in the 1980s. He has participated in a number of conservation efforts. His properties and homes encourage contact with nature and unspoiled views regardless of size. They offer the potential for privacy, self-sufficiency, and closeness to the land. His passion is to maximize living space, create privacy and highlight the natural beauty of the on a property of any size or quality.

Lou and his wife, Peggy, both spent their childhoods on Pennsylvania farms. Their early experiences has shaped their appreciation of natural beauty and sustainable living. These Pennsylvania natives have been enjoying life in Alaska for the last twenty years. In Alaska, Lou has continued to transform raw parcels of land into compelling, private, and functional habitation options.  

Lou and his wife currently split their time between an Alaska homestead and thier home in North Carolina.